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The LUCID-Art Camera Lucida is a high quality art tool made in California, USA with strong light weight aluminum alloy with a powder coated finish. All the mirrors and optical filters are shatter proof acrylic glass. It comes with a powder coated attachable steel clamp that secures it to a work space.

It easily changes back and forth from right-handed to left-handed. Comes with a very helpful illustrated users manual and online technical support is provided.

It works a lot like an art projector, except that you don't have to sit in the dark with a loud hot projector, you're not limited to working from photographs, the LUCID-Art works without electricity and it's light (1.8 LBS) and portable!

It uses the same basic principle that was used to make transparent ghosts in movies before the advent of computerized special effects and is still the way Disneyland's Haunted Mansion makes their ghost.

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