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The LUCID-Art camera lucida:

The LUCID-Art is a modern version of the classic camera lucida drawing tool that has been used by artists for centuries. Great Masters from Michelangelo Caravaggio and Jan Vermeer to Jean Ingres were said to have used camera lucidas and similar devices to help create some of their masterpieces (see video on lower right).

When you look through the view hole it uses optical mirrors to reflect a transparent "ghost" image of the scene in front of you down onto your canvas or paper, so all an artist or art enthusiast needs to do is draw over the reflected image to get correct perspective, foreshortening, proportion, position, overlap, shape. Leaving you more time to develop your art the way you want it without being frustrated by the technical elements.

The LUCID-Art retains the magic of this somewhat secretive drawing and painting technique, while improving on the original with a brighter, much larger and more stable image, including variable brightness control, and a far lower price.

See Larger Pictures of the LUCID-Art Camera Lucida by clicking here.

This is also a great historical teaching aid as the camera lucida has played an important role in the history of art and photography. A hands-on demonstration with a LUCID-Art camera lucida will captivate and edify students of all ages.

The LUCID-Art is also available on eBay: eBay store


The Photo Projector:

Project Photos! with the Photo Projector accessory (Sold Separately. The Photo Projector holds a photo or small object and attaches right to your LUCID-Art camera lucida...

Photo Projector Image

...The photo or small object is enlarged and reflected onto your paper or canvas to draw or paint over. You can get a 4x enlargement—that's enlarging a 4x5” photo to 16x20”!


The Lost Secrets of the Old Masters included the camera lucida and other optical devices:

The full interview is on our History page.

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