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The phenakistoscope (also spelled phenakistiscope) was an early animation device that used the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion. The phenakistoscope is the predecessor of the zoetrope.

The phenakistoscope uses a spinning disc attached vertically on a wooden handle. Around the center of the disc a series of pictures is drawn corresponding to frames of the animation; around its circumference is a series of radial slits. The user spins the disc and looks through the moving slits at the disc's reflection in a mirror, which makes the drawings seem to come to life.

Here is an example of what the animation will look like:

This Phenakistoscope comes with four interchangeable discs. Three of which are replicas of designs from 1830's (which vary from pack to pack--examples below) and each pack comes with one blank disc for you to make your own designs.

Included are a wood handle for viewing, historical and animation instruction booklets, and a bonus "do-it-yourself" flipbook. Very involving, creative fun.

Each disc is 7 5/8 inches (19.5 cm) in diameter and made of hard stiff chipboard

Each pack has one blank disc and three discs with antique designs which will vary from pack to pack-buy several packs and get more designs!

Below are some of the designs you can get-

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